On November 8, 2012 the EMU, Inc. Huey team made the local noon news on CBS while flying in support of a event to honor members of the U.S. Coast Guard who served in Vietnam during the war. We were honored to participate in an event that acknowledged a little known part of the Vietnam war. Here is the link to the news clip that aired yesterday. Our thanks go out the Coast Guard for inviting us to participate in this rare and historic event.

In Memory of the 37 members of the 135th who, in a controversial war never fully understood, gave the last full measure of devotion to
"Get The Bloody Job Done"

"Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix


The Virtual Wall opened on March 23, 1997 to honor the American women and men who died in the Vietnam War. They provide friends and relatives of those casualties the means to ensure that the man or woman will not be forgotten. The Virtual Wall has memorial pages honoring the 58,261 women and men who are named on “The Wall”, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC, USA; those military persons who gave the "ultimate sacrifice" for their country.

Click on the names below to view individual pages
on the Virtual Wall and other pages for RAN veterans.

CPT  Robert D. Fleer8 Feb 68

WO1 Glenn D. Moore8 Feb 68

SP4  Richard Cavanaugh8 Feb 68

PFC Robert A. LaBuda8 Feb 68

LCDR P.J. Vickers (RAN)22 Feb 68

LEUT A.A. Casadio (RAN)21 Aug 68

WO1  Hershel J. Bullock21 Aug 68

POACM O.C. Phillips (RAN)21 Aug 68

SP4 William E. Fennel21 Aug 68

WO1 William M. Miller16 Sep 68

ASLT Tony J. Huelin, (RAN)3 Jan 69

WO1 William S. Childers3 Jan 69

SP4 Earnest D. Dodson3 Jan 69

SP4 Larry R. McPherson3 Jan 69

CPT Dennis M. Phillips31 May 69

WO1 Steven L. Martin31 May 69

SP4 Bryon B. Bowden31 May 69

LACM Noel L. Shipp, (RAN)31 May 69

WO1 Bernardino Genchi22 Jul 69

WO1 Allen Star22 Jul 69

SP4 Gail L. Whitlatch22 Jul 69

SP4 Larry Pool22 Jul 69

SP4 Mark A. Jenewein23 Feb 70

CW2 James E. Schunemann23 Mar 70

WO1 Donald Cook1 Apr 70

WO1 Willard Clemons1 Apr 70

WO1 Bruce Stillions 21 Apr 70

CPT John S. Sprewell19 May 70

1LT Lanny G. LaDouceur19 May 70

SP/5 Larry E. Stone19 May 70

PFC Richard Herrington19 May 70

WO1 Terry Mezera16 Jan 71

SP/4 Dennis Hotaling23 Mar 71

1LT Noel LaPlante4 Apr 71

WO1 Terry Knight4 Apr 71

SP/4 Harvey Reynolds4 Apr 71

SP/4 Larry Steppe4 Apr 71