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In Memory of the 37 members of the 135th who, in a controversial war never fully understood, gave the last full measure of devotion to “Get The Bloody Job Done”.

Huey Vets website is dedicated to all Vietnam Vets and our friends who didn’t make it home.


EMU INC. derives its name from the radio call sign of a unique unit in Army aviation history, the 135th Assault Helicopter Company.

The 135th was a typical Vietnam era Assault Helicopter Company with the major exception that it was composed of both U.S. Army and Royal Australian Navy personnel. Because of this unique composition, the 135th was considered an Experimental Military Unit, hence its call sign E.M.U. or EMU.

EMU Team & Guests

The EMU, Inc. team and guests on the USS Iowa May 13, 2012 — with Kert VanderMeulen, Wayne Terry, John Neuenburg, Phillip Iribarren, Brandon

Carr, Lee Edwards, Geoff Carr, Croy Pelletier, Randy Parent, Mike Ackerman and Ed Roberts.

Huey Start Up – Whop -Whop

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Statement of Purpose

1. To preserve the history of the Huey Helicopter and the memory of the men who served in the 135th Assault Helicopter Company and all AHC’s in Vietnam.

2. To own and operate accurately recreated helicopters (UH-1D/H and UH-1C/M) utilized by the 135th AHC during its service in Vietnam and to make these aircraft available to museums, air shows, public displays and for the support of Veterans affairs.

3. To recognize and offer emotional support to Combat Veterans with PTSD of all eras through comradery and contact with the Huey (EMU 309).

EMU-135th in Memoriam

CBS News Video

On November 8, 2012 the EMU, Inc. Huey team made the local noon news on CBS while flying in support of a event to honor members of the U.S.

Coast Guard who served in Vietnam during the war. We were honored to participate in an event that acknowledged a little known part of the Vietnam war.

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